Lead Generation

Among CPR’s core competencies, we understand how to developing new sources of funding.

CPR’s careful vetting process ensures that your organization will receive highly qualified leads for donor upgrades, new donor acquisition and new board prospects.

Donor Upgrades:
One of the best ways for an organization to raise funds is to increase contributions from its longstanding donors. This is often a more reliable and cost-effective method than trying to acquire new donors. In every nonprofit’s database there are several lower level donors who are capable of giving more. CPR has had great success in this arena and can look at your donor list and identify the strongest prospects for upgrades.

New Funding Prospects:
There are more than 40,000 households in the U.S. considered "ultra high net worth," more than 40,000 private, grant making foundations that most of those "individuals" give their money via; and another 2,000 + structured, corporate giving programs. The question is which funders support your types of programs in meaningful ways.

CPR has tried and true formulas that will help you win new gifts, most cost effectively. Our careful vetting process ensures you only get new, highly qualified leads.

CPR has time-tested formulas to determine which institutions and individuals support the programs and organizations you have to fund. We can work collaboratively with your team, to ensure no duplication of efforts and deliver results that work.

Board Prospects:
Non-profit boards are an organization’s lifeblood—both because of what board members can contribute and because every member comes with a professional and personal network of potential donors. Diversifying your board will help you raise more money. CPR helps non-profits think strategically and build lists of compelling board prospects.

On a national basis, CPR maintains leading lists which identifies and tracks the leading corporate executives, and individuals, from every demographic group.