Wealth Screenings

CPR offers the finest major gift screenings available and is the only firm that specializes in their implementation.

What sets our screenings apart from our competitors' is that we don’t rely on automation alone. Our team of researchers carefully validates results. We are the only prospect research company to offer this service.

We are also the only firm that offers a comprehensive data set of New York City residential real estate. Most of the homes in New York City do not create traditional real estate records, such as deeds and assessments. Much of the real estate in NYC is in cooperative shares — or co-ops. For analytics and major gifts, CPR screens against the definitive data set of more than $1 trillion in real estate sold in New York City from 2003 to 2017 — approximately 1,000,000 unique transactions. Overall, CPR tracks more New York City real estate sales than any other competitor, most of whom offer no more than 50% of the available residential real estate records.

What are the opportunity costs if promising leads get lost in the bottom of a pile?

Major gift screenings don't provide finished research reports. Rather, they provide road maps of raw data. They point solicitors in the right direction toward identifying which, among many thousands of prospects, have gift potential and deserve additional time and attention. As an affordable, first step in the identification process, screenings tend to contain many miss-hits/false positives. Without careful planning and implementation, most gift ratings and rankings won’t be as accurate as possible.

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Our proprietary products emphasize:

  • Pristine match logic.
  • Minimization of statistical miss-hits/false positives.
  • Accurate gift ratings based upon the most up-to-date valuations, including of privately held assets.

Additionally, if you’ve run a major gift screening with another firm, we can help you implement that data. We can also help identify great prospects whom other screening vendors return with no data.

CPR will make sure that your screening gets the careful attention to detail you’ll require to be successful.