Predicting the future: The power of information

Posted By Tim Halpern
January 12, 2016

In this weird, wired world, we have so many ways to connect, and yet society is more disconnected than ever before.

For marketing and sales forces, the good news is that there’s no privacy left. But, for consumers, the bad news is: there’s no privacy left.

Consider this:

  • In 1969, two computers at remote locations spoke to each other for the first time over the foundation of what would become the Internet.
  • In 1993, when the World Wide Web went public, there were 5 billion gigabytes of data stored online. In 2016 some estimate that 5 billion gigabytes of data are added every day.
  • In 2015, we can watch global developments in real time from our mobile phones and use those devices as virtual credit cards

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