Corporate Testimonials

"I run my own philanthropy practice and worked with CPR on a $50 million + campaign for a leading school. I appreciated this firm’s ability to unpack complex assets, in a way which helped fundraisers confidently ask for the largest gifts possible. CPR’s quick responsiveness and thorough briefings were tremendously helpful. They are a pleasure to work with."

Susan Wilen
SJW Consulting

"As a leading luxury firm, we offer women a compelling, and glamorous, fashion alternative in our private showrooms. To meet our goals, we focus on making cost effective investments in the new business development area. We found that CPR’s focused approach helped us developed significant new clients. They offer a wide variety of fast, flexible options that directly help our bottom line."

Ms. Eileen Balaban Eisenberg
Leading fashion executive

"My legal practice is international and focused on the entertainment industry. It’s often important to be able to run background checks on the people you are considering going into business with. When I work with CPR, I have every confidence that their sophisticated, timely and cost effective approach will ultimately serve our clients well."

W. Wilder Knight II
Of Counsel
Pryor Cashman LLP

"Orr Associates, Inc. (OAI) provides its nonprofit clients with cultivation and solicitation strategies for high-potential donor prospects for campaigns and major gifts fundraising. The research profiles CPR produces allows us to prioritize prospects for our clients and provides the background information needed to make targeted, personal asks. There are many prospect research tools out there. CPR’s information is always accurate and thorough. We are pleased to recommend them."

John L. Lehr
Orr Associates, Inc. (OAI)

"I’ve worked with the team at CPR for more than a decade. We operate in complementary industry segments. CPR is very responsible, excellent and fair. They care about their clients. I’m pleased to recommend them."

Bill Tedesco

"I run a leading luxury firm, we offer fliers the most compelling and ultra safe alternative to flying commercially. To meet our goals, we focus on mitigating risk with potential partners, alliances, etc. We found that CPR’s focused approach has helped our expansion. They offer a wide variety of fast, flexible options that we value and we are pleased to recommend their services."

Ms. Shari Goodstein Rossi
Chairwoman & CFO
Eagle Air Inc.

"As a leading executive search firm, good relationships are essential to our business model. We need discrete, strategic services on demand. We have found CPR’s expertise across the philanthropy spectrum to be a considerable value ad, and trust that you will as well."

Dara Z. Klarfeld
Vice President

"As the head of direct marketing for a top media and information firm, we needed to focus on new business development efforts for a product launch. Our challenges were twofold: as a multinational, with different operating executives across the globe, we needed a fast, flexible source that could customize. Secondarily, at a large firm, it can be quite demanding to generate quality leads that are truly “new-new”. We tested CPR against a myriad of other options, and there was really no competition. This firm worked harder, smarter, and faster than any other source. I’m pleased to recommend them."

Scott Gober
Former Global Head of Direct Marketing
Thomson Reuters

"In my line of work, security and reliability are the name of the game. I have worked with Tim and his company for 15 years. This firm is very dedicated and committed to the task at hand."

Spurgeon Mansfield
Mansfield Detective Services